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#O3 The Cypher Kings

Set it and forget it. That's what I did with Vic Smith and his single Rocketship. I lost track of how many times it played while I wrote this. You'd be forgiven for mistaking him for J Cole (he was the artist that came to mind) as that's the vibe I got from the record. RocketShip just feels “good” to hear.

"Ro is typically the life of the party, a true performer of high volumes.
The acts that he leaves behind become the talk of the night. Outfits of the night have ranged from Sombreros, overalls, nostalgic movie characters and more. Every performance Ro delivers is a true treat for the audience
So for the rest of the world unfortunate to yet meet him I give you,

Jessica Surette, better known as Delorah has crossed my feed numerous times over the past couple of years on Facebook. At first glance she's a pretty face with an incredible body, but as I've gotten to know her I've discovered a talented young woman whose both passionate about her music, and hungry to succeed in a male dominated industry. After dropping her first single independently Delorah has shown her critics that she is built for this business. She truly is Worthy.... 

     Sav Young, imo, is the definition of a starving artist. Hungry for success and never afraid to spit something to prove he's the real deal. When I came up with the idea for Labwork he was the first artist I reached out to because I knew how dope he was. The fact that he jumped at the opportunity and delivered in spades wasn't a shock to me. I knew this young man was up to the challenge. He came in and killed the interview, then buried the cypher.

You'd be forgiven for not knowing who Kennedy Clark is. Another face in a sea of local musicians he did very little to stand out from the crowd. When he found himself left off of every “Top 5 Vegas Rappers” List tho, he became a man possessed. Rather than voice his frustrations on Facebook he took to Soundcloud and Youtube with a series of freestyles that made more than a few local critics reconsider.

As an artist I've been very vocal about my struggles with trying to crack the code to youtube success. While my music has traction in other areas youtube has always been a bit of an enigma to me which sucks because it still ranks as the most popular place for music. So I've recently decided to try a new approach.

Do you know what is happening to your music after you release it? You could, and probably are, leaving money on the table that you should be pocketing. Listen to this weeks episode titled Get Ya Money and find out you can make more money as an artist that is rightfully yours

Its been said that there is no original idea left under the sun. If you were to go by what you hear on the radio daily you'd be inclined to believe it. In an age of 'me too!' rappers who often sound the same from the production to the delivery, imiation being the sincerest form of flattery has taken on a whole new meaning

Check out the first episode of my new podcast Indy Corner and sound off in the comments on what you'd like for me to cover in the future. All support is appreciated.

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